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Lindsay Mustain
Dream Job Coach
Best-Selling Author| LinkedIn Top Voice
Self-described as a 'recruiter gone rogue', Lindsay Mustain is a best-selling author and formerly the most visible employee of Amazon. Featured in Forbes, The Ladders, Glass Door, and Entrepreneur, Lindsay’s mission is to help driven and high-performing job seekers who are tired of settling for a career that offers only a paycheck, and instead begin to elevate and ascend their career to the next level. 

Lindsay teaches professionals how to become the candidate of choice through her proprietary, scientific, and research backed system to help job seekers clearly navigate a complex job search process. Clients’ of hers regularly get multiple 6 figure job offers for their ideal career opportunity at the right company and at their best salary (even in a recession when it seems as if no one is hiring). 

Most importantly, her clients are finally able to create meaningful change in an organization so they can wake up each day energized, excited, and motivated to perform meaningful work where they LOVE what they do. 

Her unapologetic advice and job search hacks have gotten the attention across the globe and have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Ladders, Glassdoor, Sway, Create & Cultivate, Mental Floss, ERE, SHRM, and SparkHire. 
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